Budget – New Year in Dubai

Me and my friend decided to visit Dubai for New Years 2018, our decision to visit was made like at last minute and we were on a budget like BHD 150, excluding flights and accomodations , literary on 24th December 2018. Even tough this decision was super exciting. Word of advise to not leave accomodations booking to the last minute . We decided to book our flights the same day.


Great deals for New Years from Bahrain to Dubai on Emirates airlines


Me, Lya and guy with glasses

Now this is where we really messed up, well we are kinda glad we did cause , thats how you learn in life, by doing mistakes and learning from em. We decided to have an adventure and booked a hostel thingy in Dubai Internet City. We have never experienced a hostel enviroment, thought it will be fun. It kind of was now that I look back at it. As we arrived at the place, there were no spaces availble. The hostel has over booked. I will not link or slander the place as the manager was kind and did help us out with moving furnture out of his living room and adding three beds in the space, which was then shared by me, my friend Lya and some fella. Over all it was an experience.


Mentioned below are few places we visited, you can see what fits you best.

  • Pier 7 – Dubai Marina – Click here
    • Drinks between AED – 70 – 140
  • The Pent House Dubai – Click here
    • Drinks between AED – 60 – 100
  • Barasti Beach Bar Dubai – Click here
    • It was Ladies night and men get drink for between AED 35 – 100
  • Burj Al Khalifa Fountain show – Click here for the show schedule
    • Free
  • Kizmet Resturant – Click Here
    • Drinks between AED – 70 – 140, best cocktails we have had. My favorite the Birthday cake.
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence – Beach Click here
    • Free
  • McGettigan’s Hilton JBR – Click Here
    • New years eve dinner
  • Zero Gravity – New Years Day Brunch – Click here
    • The Burch was around AED – 350, totally worth it .

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