Cat Adoption – 101

Hey Y’all,

I was shopping at the Bahrain City Center in Carrefour for my cat , a couple  came to me and asked for help as they have adopted a new cat and asked me what do they need , they did not know anything (Food, Litter, Vet), of course I helped them out and decided to post this, which will assist people before they adopt a Cat .

1. Adopting 

Decide very carefully if this is what you want as it will be for the rest of your life, it is not a toy and should not be discarded once you are done with fulfilling your temporary urge. If you are not sure, consider fostering someone’s pet first. There are a lot of places in Bahrain where you can adopt a cat from, BSPCA Bahrain, Nonie Coutts, multiple places in Instagram such as Bahrain Pets Adoption page etc.

If you are planning to purchase a pedigree do your research, take the kitten/cat to the vet to get a full checkup done. Only if the kitten/cat is pure breed and in good health, you can go ahead and purchase it.

2. Food

When adopting ask the owner what food the pet is currently on if your planning to change food do it moderately. I feed my Cat Canyon River’s Feline dry food, which you can get from Pet’s Arabia, I give her wet food daily, there are multiple wet foods, Chanel likes Whiskas, your kitty may like something else, it differs from cat to cat.

3. Scratch Post 

Unless you don’t want your furniture and your self to be clawed , get a scratch post for the kitty I got mine from Pet Arabia . DO NOT GET YOUR CAT DECLAWED, IT IS CRUEL: Read more here 

4. Litter tray and Litter 

Get a litter tray and litter, Got Chanel’s from Carrefour, Pet Arabia, and Pet Land.

5. Toys and treats 

Get loads of toys and treats for your kitty.

6. Carrier 

You will need it to travel/take your pet to the vet, etc.

7. Veterinary physician (Very Important)

This is very important, you have to make sure you have a good vet.  Chanel’s Vet is Nonie Coutts ,  and House of Veterinary, she got her vaccinations/spaying/ Microchipped and is a very happy and healthy kitty 🙂


Now you are ready to go and get a kitty. If you have any questions feel free to email me

PS: I know my blog is about fashion but I got Chanel so technically not totally irrelevant post 🙂 


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