Adopting a Cat / Kitten

Hey Y’all ,

Last Saturday . I was shopping at the Bahrain city Center in Carrefour for my cat , a couple  came to me and asked for help as they have adopted a new cat and asked me what do they need , they did not know anything (Food , Litter, Vet) , off course I helped them out and decided to post this  , which will assist people prior to adopting a Cat .

1. Adopting 

Decide very carefully if this is what you want as it will be for the rest of your life, its not a toy and should not be discarded once your done with fulfilling your temporary urge. There are lot of places in Bahrain where you can adopt a cat from , BSPCA Bahrain , Nonie Coutts, etc.

2. Food

When adopting ask the owner what food  , your new pet eats , if your switching food do it moderately . I feed my Cat Canyon River’s Feline dry food , which you can get from Pet’s Arabia , I give her weekly some wet food too there are lot of em out there you can choose which you kitty likes most  .

3. Scratch Post 

Unless you don’t want your furniture and your self to be clawed , get a scratch post for the kitty I got mine from Pet Arabia .

4. Litter tray and Litter 

Get a litter tray , Got Chanel’s from Pet Arabia . And the litter I use is from Tidy Cats , available at lot of places . Carre Four is where is buy em from .

5. Toys and treats 

Get loads of toys and treats for your kitty .

6. Carrier 

You will need it to travel / take your pet to vet , etc.

7. Veterinary physician (Very Important)

This is very important , you have to make sure you have a good vet.  Chanel’s Vet is Nonie Coutts , she got her vaccinations / spaying/ Microchipped  and is a very happy and healthy kitty 🙂


Now you are ready to go and get a kitty . If you have any questions feel free to ask me .

PS : I know my blog is about fashion but I got Chanel so technically not totally irrelevant post 🙂 



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