Spa Day at the Westin Hotel Bahrain

After long busy week, I wanted to relax and have a nice Spa Day and decided to visit the Westin Bahrain to at their Heavenly Spa. The Staff was really professional got me all sorted in no time, special thanks to the Receptionist Ameera . The Manager Ferdi was kind enough to brief me about the facilités and the provided Packages.
I did have a nice relaxing time at the pool area while waiting for my treatment time.

I chose the “Special Moments Hammam” package mainly🧖‍♂️ cause I have never tried the Traditional Turkish Hammam, followed by a special mask and relaxing massage. I have attached the Broucher for info.Heavenly Spa Brochure 2019 – R

The Hamman at the Westin is the biggest I have seen and For an amateur traveler, I was shocked to see this in my Home country Bahrain🇧🇭, I was really shocked and pleased that I get to get pampered here. The Hammam therapist Flavi, was really professional, I wish I was blindfolded, cause I was super shocked with the amount of dead skin I had on me LOL.

Post Hammam . I had my relaxing Massage which was also just grand, the therapist NI used the Aloe vera Oil and was very extremely professional. I am sure I passed out. I always love the post-massage treats hehe and was presented with this amazing Ginger tea, detox water, and Biscuits,🍪 .I wish I had brought my coffee container would have nicked some in it Lol.

Honestly, I felt amazing and rejuvenated, you have to go and visit it now. Next stop for me is to visit their The Lueur Salon for Mani / Pedi and Hair ;). Woop.🙌


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